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Futon Chairs and Other Futon Furniture

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Beds are not the only type of futon furniture on the market today. Futon bunk beds and futon chairs have experienced an explosion in popularity in the last few years. All types of futon furniture have made huge strides in recent years. Once confined mainly to college dorm rooms, futon furniture is now found in many classy and expensive living room sets. Futon chairs and futon bunk beds have many advantages over traditional chairs and bunk beds. Futon furniture is more versatile, unique, and functional than standard furniture.

A futon chair is similar to a futon couch in that it has a mattress that rests on an adjustable frame. Futon chairs are smaller than futon sofas, they are usually designed to accommodate one or two people in the upright position. Most futon chairs can be set in three positions, upright, reclined, and horizontal. There are countless different futon chair frames available. Some are made of wood and others are metal. Many wood frames are constructed with high quality oak and are great pieces of furniture for a nice living room. Futon chairs provide the comfort of a recliner with the versatility and style of a futon bed.

Futon bunk beds have become hugely popular in recent years. They feature a futon couch/bed on the bottom and a flat futon mattress on the top. A futon bunk bed is a great idea for people living in cramped areas like dorm rooms or small apartments. Not only does a futon bunk bed contain multiple beds, but it also has a couch on the lower level. There are many different models of futon bunk beds. Some have lightweight metal frames with a ladder built onto one side. Others are made of wood can have freestanding ladders.
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Futons Info provides detailed information about futon covers, mattresses, frames, chairs, and bunk beds. Futons Info is the sister site of Platform Beds Web.


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