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Recycling Partnership Between Online Furniture Company Europe by Net and Oxfam

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From an environmental perspective, land-fill taxes and the issues surrounding community waste disposal are set to become widely debated with new and strict EU laws on land-fill availability set to be introduced over the next five years. Oxfam has in excess of 700 stores and recycling centres across the UK and liaises closely with local authorities regarding disposal of large, unwanted household items such as furniture.

As Michael Taylor, Oxfam Trading’s Corporate Account Manager said, “Books and clothes comprise by far our biggest single disposal costs. Technically, furniture is disposed of by container and we pay the same container costs no matter what we put in it, though bulkier items might cost more to dispose of if we have to make special arrangements to take them to a specific amenities site. Looking ahead, it is the disposal of brown/white electrical items plus larger objects such as furniture that will probably give us most cause for concern.”

From customer research, Europe by Net recognised that its customers want their old furniture to go to a good home - and responded by launching this novel idea.

Europe by Net has from its inception maintained a strong policy of supporting local communities and charities wherever possible. In the UK it uses charity 1st Moveability to deliver its furniture – this is a charity assisting people with mental health issues. People interested in taking part in the recycling service are requested to inform Europe by Net at the time of placing their order. This service is free except for petrol/diesel delivery charges.

The "New for Old" service is currently available in the UK and US. Europe by Net offers over 5,000 products that fall within the criteria of this scheme. The company has a world-wide presence with over 50% of its business base in the US and Japan. The remainder is spread across Europe (including the UK). The company was set up with the intention of enabling consumers to save money – this has been achieved at an averate rate of 35% - the normal profit margin associated with displaying goods in high-street stores. On-line shopping continues to be a highly ranked growth area.

Visit our website to see modern furniture from Europe by Net http://www.europebynet.com


About the Author

Europe by Net is an established internet company that was started four years ago selling both contemporary and traditional luxury furniture brands. The company has today announced the launch of its new service, "New for Old" - recycling unwanted customers' furniture by delivering them to an Oxfam store.


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