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Teak Garden Furniture - A Lasting Value

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The purchase of teak garden furniture is a true investment in value. Teak is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture as the wood ages beautifully and will give you many, many, carefree years of enjoyment.

Teak is an extremely dense-grained wood and is highly resistant to rot, warping, shrinkage and swelling which makes is ideal for outdoor garden and patio furniture. It is claimed that some teak benches in public parks in England that are still in use today are made of recycled decking from old sailing ships and are nearly a century old. You will want to choose your style of teak furniture carefully as your outdoor teak furniture will be around for many years. It could even outlast you and become a family heirloom!

Teak is also one of the easiest of woods to care for. It will thrive with absolutely no care whatsoever, and over time will develop a patina of silver gray as it ages. It can be left in this natural state or, if you wish, it can be sanded and then rubbed with teak oil to bring back it's original honey color. Teakwood has a life expectancy of 75 years if left untreated. Teak is smooth to the touch and does not splinter. Most teak furniture owners will leave their teak furniture outside all year long. Left outside during Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, your teak will age gracefully.

Most teak is harvested from renewable government plantations in Indonesia, which makes it an ecologically friendly wood. Indonesian teak is considered by many teak furniture manufacturers to be the highest quality of teak wood available in the world today. Teak is generally kiln dried, which ensures the wood is dried to the core, unlike air drying. Teak furniture is generally all made with mortise and tendon joinery. This is a superior method of construction which results in more solid and durable pieces of furniture. Most manufacturers will also use solid brass castings, screws and bolts in the construction of their furniture. Brass hardware will never rust, even left outside in all weather conditions. The highest quality teak furniture will also be fully machine made. Fully machine made teak furniture guarantees more uniformity and a more perfect finished product.

Teak comes in many timeless and classic styles. Whether you're looking for a dining table with matching chairs, a single garden bench, a steamer chair, a chaise lounge, a Adirondack chair, or any of the other many styles of teak furniture available, your purchase of teak furniture will be a lasting value.

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