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Teak Outdoor Furniture Is Not A New Idea

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Ever since ancient times, civilization has been aware of the benefits of teak. The wood is easy to work with, and its resistance to decay has made it not only a popular timber tree, but also a valuable resource. The strong structural properties of teak made it the favorite choice for shipbuilders since the middle ages. The main advantage of teak is its unique ability to prevent rust and corrosion when in contact with metal. This makes it invaluable in the shipbuilding industry. It is said that the first outdoor teak benches were actually made of decking from old sailing ships. The decking on these ships was in such good condition when the ships were about to be scrapped, the wood was recycled and remade in teak outdoor furniture. In the late 1800s, teak began to be used seriously for outdoor furniture. Heavily admired in its native India , teak soon traveled to Victorian England. Teak benches and chairs became the perfect compliment to an English garden. Public parks all over England are furnished with teak outdoor furniture, some of which are nearly a century old. An outstanding material, teak continues to be a choice for boat materials even in this day and age. Elephants are still used to haul teak from inland jungles to the waterways. Transporting teak has always been a difficult problem because of the heavy weight of the wood. The logs are so heavy they will not float. Instead the elephants drag the teak logs through the thick undergrowth in the rain forests. These forests are usually a great distance from the coast. They have even been trained to stack the logs in even piles. And when a bell sounds to end the day, the elephants know to stop their work, without any human direction.

Today teak is used principally in shipbuilding and in the construction of expensive boats and yachts. Teak outdoor furniture is virtually impervious to all weather conditions, partly due to its high oil content and is able to resist insect attacks. Currently, teak can be found on modern cruise ship decks, in parks, used as flooring, and as home outdoor furniture. In the United States, teak benches can be found in the tropical gardens of hotels in Hawaii, tables and chairs made of teak provide maintenance-free outdoor dining for skiers in Colorado resorts, and teak steamer chairs can be found from the coast of Maine to the Arizona desert. This should give you some idea about how versatile teak is. Today, teak continues to be the most oft-used wood for shipbuilding. It is also used for indoor wood flooring and other general construction. And, of course, teak is used to create durable and beautiful outdoor patio furniture. Its high oil content makes it ideal for outdoor furniture. Teak outdoor furniture has been used in ski resorts in Colorado and Utah , and it continues to be the favored wood for all construction projects requiring unbeatable durability and rustic elegance.

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