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Perform Better Golf By Training Your Body
What will it take to get you to perform better golf? Iíll be youíve tried the gimmicky golf training aids. Did they work? How about equipment? How many drivers do you have in your garage? Am I getting your attention yet? My approach to perform...
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The Golf Tip Used By Successful Players
There is one golf tip that is used by most professional players and very few ordinary amateurs. It makes a real difference to your game. One of the key differences between professionals and ordinary amateurs is that when the professional...
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2 Things You Must Do If You Want To Stop Coming Over The Top In Your Golf Swing

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Coming Over-The-Top in your golf swing is probably the most common (and frustrating) swing flaw a golfer will ever deal with. You can work hard trying to fix it...and end up developing other bad swing habits in the process. Why not put an end to it once and for all by identifying the two amazingly simple adjustments guaranteed to correct it.

1. Distribute your weight properly on your backswing.

When you execute your backswing, it doesn't just matter how well you did your takeaway, how soon you cocked your wrists, or how late your cocked them. It doesn't just matter if your right arm is straight at the top, or even if you manage to keep from overswinging. You must also be aware of how your weight is distributed.

You can spend years looking for the solution. I did. But when I found it, a light went on. You've heard of an "Aha!" experience, haven't you? Well, that's exactly what you will have when you discover precisely how to have your weight distributed.

2. Make a proper transition from backswing to downswing.

Now that you know about distributing your weight. Get this: It doesn't matter how well you've managed to position your weight in your backswing. If you do not make a proper transition from your backswing...to your downswing...you're still going to come over the top...every time.

You might think it's hard to break old habits, like lunging at the ball from the top (which as you know can create a slice or pull hook), but it's really easy to correct. If you know exactly what you need to do in order to accomplish it.

These two adjustments are essential to wiping out the swing flaw...that helps ruin untold rounds of golf...along with all the good money gone to waste for a few hours of frustration on the golf course.

About the Author

Joe Pena runs the show at ClubWebSolutions.com. He spent the last 20 years working with clients all across the country as a consultant. He teaches, trains and is an avid golfer. After years spent polishing his golf swing, he discovered many secrets along the way. One of those secrets he calls "Two Simple Adjustments Will Stop You From Coming Over The Top, In 5 Swings Or Less, Guaranteed";


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