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Gaining the Correct Golf Swing Plane

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The golf swing plane is the direction that your golf club travels during your swing. This is a very important key to playing golf correctly and well. Imagine a sheet of glass that extends from the ball to over your shoulders. A correct swing plane will run a path parallel to the glass. To see if you are swinging correctly, you need to establish if you have a correct swing plane. Here are some swing plane golf tips.
One of the easiest ways to analyze your swing plane is have someone film you. This will enable you to analyze your swing plane to make sure it is flattened. Place a pencil across the television screen when analyzing to make sure you are parallel with the imaginary piece of glass from the ball to over your shoulders.
A swing trainer can also help you with your swing plane. It is a circular pipe device that is adjustable and custom built for each golfer. It is easy to use and it will help you to correct your swing plane with each swing.
A more high tech way to assist you in correcting your swing plane is a laser light that fits onto the end of the club handle. This light shows where the butt of the club is pointing to help you analyze your swing plane.
Don't try to force the club into the correct swing plane. It will take time and practice to develop the correct swing plane on a consistent basis. Try one of theses tips to analyze your swing plane and practice to make it a sound and correct one!

About the Author

Glenn Boulton is webmaster and publisher of Golf-Swing.Sportz-Online.Com
He presents reviews, information, and tips for improving your game on his website.


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