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Golf Tips – finding that winning grip and the cures for grip related problems
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Golf Bag Tips - How To Care For Your Clubs

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You have invested a ton of money in your golf clubs and bag. It makes sense, then, that you would want to care for your clubs and bag so that you get the most use out of them. These following golf bag tips and golf club tips will help you do just that.

These tips are suitable for an ancient golf bag with dividers, an old set of golf clubs that you inherited from your grandfather, or the finest set of clubs and bag that money can buy.

One of the best tips for caring for your bags and clubs is to keep them indoors when you're not using them. Many golfers tend to leave their bag in their car trunk or in their garage. But this exposes the bag to drastic changes in temperature and moisture, both of which can ruin a nice bag and set of golf clubs.

Besides just a bag, you need additional equipment to protect your clubs. Many players follow the tip to put head covers on their woods. This protects these big investments from accidental dings and nicks. Some pros even recommend this tip: use covers for your irons and putter during storage, too.

One of the best ways to keep your golf clubs clean during a round of golf is a towel attached to your bag. This tip only works if you remember to actually use the towel! After every golf shot, whether or not the golf club head has a divot stuck to it, give the golf club a good wipe with the towel on your bag.

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Copyright 2005. Mike Ross is the founder of Golf-Equipment-World.com.
He writes reviews of all golf equipment including golf clubs, golf balls, golf
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