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Golf Schools Require Golf Fitness

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Are you planning on attending a golf school on your next golf vacation? Donít expect to kick your feet up, relax with a cold beer and nap every couple of hours. Furthermore, donít expect to enjoy your learning experience unless you prepare yourself physically. Golf schools require at least a minimum level of golf fitness.

All golf vacation schools are not the same. But most do have one thing in common. You will swing a golf club much more than usual and this will put your body through more stress than a normal round of golf.

The last thing you want to do on your golf school vacation is to wake up so sore that you can not enjoy your next day of golf instruction. Also, if your body is sore and tired, chances are your mental capability for learning will suffer.

Here are a few quick tips to prepare your body for your golf school experience. And guess what? Your health will improve as a bonus.

  • Start your conditioning at least a month before golf school.

  • Begin walking or jogging at least thirty minutes a day.

  • Go to the driving range and hit buckets of balls four or five days a week.

  • Begin the right kind of strength and flexibility program.

In the last tip, I state to ďbegin the right kind of strength and flexibility programĒ. This is a very important part of the equation. If you do not follow the right kind of program, your golf game will suffer.

Many personal trainers claim to know how to train golfers. This is just not true. Choose a fitness program and a fitness professional that understands the biomechanics of the golf swing.

If you follow these tips, you will enjoy your golf school vacation. You will learn more. You will play better golf. And in your free time, instead of popping ibuprofen and donning ice packs, you can relax by the pool with a cool drink, enjoy the local attractions or play more golf.

Enjoy your golf vacation school learning experience. Make sure to visit our website for more information on how to train correctly for golf and how to pair the right golf school with your golf game.

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