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Do You Understand Golf Club Swing Weight
Golf club swing weight. Have you heard that term before? A rather effective method of improving the golf swing is by adding extra weight to the club and then going through the motions of swinging. This sort of exercise has many advantages apart...
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Is This The Worst Golf Tip Ever?
How many times, when you were struggling out there on the golf course, have you been offered a golf tip? It seems that there are a whole bunch of golfers who just cannot help themselves from passing on their own personal favorite golf tips when...
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The Reason Why Clone Golf Clubs Are Worth It!

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When it comes to choosing a new set up of golf clubs, you are obviously going to want the best, but more importantly you are going to want them at a low cost. This is why manufacturers have decided on the idea of clone golf clubs. They not only play the same but are almost made to look the same as well. Customers are going to see that the prices are lower and that they are just as good as the “very, very best” which is why retailers capitalize on this.

I cannot see why a player cannot go out and beat a fellow player who has the so called “big name brands”. It makes perfect sense. People may look at cloned clubs and say that you have to own the best if you want to play the best but honestly this is not the case. I know this may sound off the mark but if Tiger Woods went out with a set of cloned clubs, its not as if he is going to drop dramatically in his play. Can you see where I am coming from? I hope this makes sense to you and I really think it does.

Cloned clubs are made to give beginners or whoever wants to play a chance to buy clubs at a lower cost and to get them into the game. Did you know that you could be saving several hundreds of dollars when buying clone golf clubs, which to me is very impressive. One key thing to know is that, the reason the price is lower is through savings on marketing and overheads rather than the materials used.

I hope you now see why clone golf clubs are worth buying and the fact that they are just the same as any set of clubs. So if you are buying a set of golf clubs then you should really consider cloned clubs, they can provide you with everything that you need but at a fraction of the cost!

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