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Why The Golfing Game Has Changed Tremendously In Recent Years

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The world has changed a great deal in recent years and so has the golfing game. Those who are resisting the changes in the world instead of trying to understand them and adapt have often ended up in serious trouble.

It is exactly the same in the golfing game. Those amateur golfers who are ignoring the great changes that we have witnessed in the golfing game in recent times have run into lots of difficulties and many of them no longer enjoy playing the game they way they used to, not too long ago. Some have even altogether given up the golfing game.

Many of these frustrated golfers have failed to see the tremendous changes in the golfing game that have ended up affecting them.

One of them is the change in the way golfers are training and preparing themselves for major tourneys and games. Actually the golfing game has always been considered a leisure activity where one need not even break into a sweat, let alone exercise.

However this thinking and approach has changed completely in recent years. Most professional golfers these days schedule regular golf exercises into their daily routine. Numerous amateur golfers have done the same and the result is that even the physical appearance of major players of the golfing game has changed. They are getting more and more physically fit.

When you compete with players of the golfing game who are involved in a golf-specific exercising program, the going can get very tough, because the level of their game is bound to be much higher than yours. And contrary to what many people think, these exercises as not so rigorous. My program has included senior citizens of upto 80 years old who have no problem in adapting to the exercises. And in the end the golf exercises have had a tremendously positive impact on their golfing game.

About the Author

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf fitness experts in the country, author of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide, and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. Check out his new golf fitness – golf training site at Perform Better Golf.


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