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House Sitters Are Coming to the Rescue of Many Travellers
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RoomSaver.com Travelers Prefer More Than One

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September 21, 2005- A recent poll of RoomSaver.com's Travel club members reveals that the majority of the respondents prefer to take more than just one trip per year, stay more than just 1-2 nights per trip, and travel with at least one other person.

The travelers reveal that they are taking more than just one trip a year. Only 2.3% of our respondents take just one trip per year. Travelers taking 2-3 trips per year represent 36%. An astonishing 14% claim they take more than 10 trips per year.

Most of the travelers (49%) are staying 3-5 nights per trip. Twenty-nine percent of them are staying 6 or more nights per trip. Only 22% state that they stay 1-2 nights per trip. Also, with 70% of the respondents traveling in pairs and 22% traveling in groups of 3 or more, only 8% are traveling alone.

RoomSaver.com specializes in showcasing hotels online and directing travelers to book advanced reservations on the hotel's website, where they will find the most competitive rates on the Web. RoomSaver.com provides a comprehensive hotel database for travelers while serving as a convenient and effective advertising forum for hoteliers and affiliate travel businesses.

Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, RoomSaver.com is a division of Trader Publishing Company, the nation's largest distributor of photo-classified ad publications. Its websites cover virtually every used vehicle and general merchandise category, including apartments, homes, employment and hotel lodging. For more information about RoomSaver.com, call toll-free 866-305-3840 or visit www.RoomSaver.com.
About the Author

Jackie Moniot is the Marketing Manager for RoomSaver.com, a division of Trader Publishing Company, the nation's largest distributor of photo-classified ad publications.


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