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Travel Guidebooks Reviewed

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Travel Guidebooks are an invaluable source of information. Even if the size of each book is enough to put you off your research, they can be a great reference guide while traveling. But how do they stack up to one another?

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet is the king of all the guidebooks. They have a book that covers just about every destination in the world. The information is comprehensive and is tailored towards the budget traveler. Detailed maps are also provided. On a downside, because of Lonely Planetís popularity, anything that is recommended is usually swamped with tourists.


Rough Guides
Like Lonely Planet, Rough Guides offer comprehensive and invaluable information more suited for a slightly older reader. The country background history is the best of all the guidebooks put together. The range of guidebooks is lacking though (compared to the hundreds of Lonely Planet titles) and if your a picture junkie, Rough Guides may not be for you.


Frommers have moved from a budget guidebook to more middle of the road. The information is comprehensive and many of the guidebooks come included with detachable maps. Again, the range of guidebooks is lacking. Be sure to look for their "Frommers Portable" publications - especially if you like to travel light.


Letís Go
Letís Go provides comprehensive guidebooks for those on a strict budget. Backpackers will find these guidebooks especially useful. The books tend to focus on current events, culture, and politics and are completely written by students. While Let's Go doesn't quite have the resources that other titles have, things are told exactly how they are.


Fodors offers a sizeable range of guidebooks similar to Lonely Planet. The guidebooks provide very thorough information - and IFodors is a great addition, allowing you to download entire books onto your PDA as well as interactive maps, and other up-to-date information.


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Sarah Moore has been in the travel and tourism industry for over 20 years and is currently working with one of the worlds largest coach networks. Sarah is also the webmaster of TravelJ - A Traveler's Resources & Information Network - http://www.travelj.com


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