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The Traveller Next Door: My Friend Carol - Expert on Turkey and Greece, (2)
5. You also spent a significant amount of time in Turkey. Please tell us where and how did that come about? The first time I visited Turkey was July of 1978. My travel companions were two gay friends, one from Jordan and one from Britain. We...

Corporate Coach Hire - A guide to choosing a company for executive travel.
Corporate Coach Hire - A guide to choosing a company for executive travel. Among business it is becoming more necessary to transport staff and clients between points of business for meetings and exhibitions. Today we are looking at the...


Travel Incentives: Gifts and Special Deals

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Reward Dollars will ease the holiday spending for participating customers.

A loyalty based program by VIP Travel Rewards offers customers the opportunity to instantly purchase brand name and travel related products and services with a percentage of Rewards Dollars on the already lowest retail prices available.

Rewards Dollars act as a form of currency which the consumer participates in recieving with a low monthly auto-renewal subscription. These Reward Dollars are non-expiring and are placed in the customers account for use pro rata or accumulative in their account. A customer may choose to recieve $150 worth of Rewards Dollars or $250.

Such products and services as airfair, hotels, condominiums, cruises, cd software, dvd's, magazines, movie tickets, luggage and restaurant dining are available. An example of savings include magazines at up to 75% off, dvd's as low as $1.74, hotels at 10-25% less guaranteed, airfairs save $50 on flights over $329 and save $100 on flights over $409. These savings are an incredible incentive for families to take advantage of during the gift giving season.

The Travel Rewards Dollars are sponsored by affiliated suppliers who recognize the quality assurance of acquiring new customers this way and the increased recognition of their brand names. A customer simply has to log in to their website online, choose their product to purchase and redeem their Rewards Dollars.

VIP Travel Rewards is accessable internationally and meets the needs of the Global community with inexpensive online purchase of highly sought after travel and brand name related products and services. Providing value to community with savings and rewards, and extensive customer service, they are set to be a first class rewards provider.

VIP Travel Rewards are dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction and service excellence. Having "harnessed the power" of a quality rewards program, VIP Travel Rewards can now offer the same savings as large Fortune 500 companies with "no strings attached".

About the author:

Ninindi Johnstone is an Independant Associate: http://viptravelrewards.com/code.asp?c=pibu

Contact her now:jp@bordernet.com.au to recieve your valuable gift.

She is also a representitive of a nationally recognized provider of internet technologies, such as voip, webspace, marketing education. Here you can recieve a benefefactor voacher where you pay nothing to become part of team of entrepeneurs: http://net-j-marketing.com


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