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Travel Insurance - Trip Cancellation and Health Insurance

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Most people don't really know what they're looking for in travel insurance they just want something to take care of them in case they can't make the trip or if something happens to them while on the trip.

Trip cancellation and medical travel policies are the simplest types of travel insurance.

Cancellation insurance allows travelers to cancel a trip at the last minute withoutlosing all the money they paid for the trip. Medical insurance provides coverage when you are traveling overseas. Other plans cover emergency evacuation, loss of your baggage, some kind of travel delay.

The plans no traveler wants to think about: kidnap and ransom coverage, acidental death and dismemberment.

What's the cost of travel insurance? Say you're a 40-year-old taking a trip for a month. If you wanted $100,000 worth of medical coverage with a $250 deductible,thepremium would be approximately $100. For trip cancellation that requires no deductible, you would pay a premium of approx. $100 for a trip that would cost you $3,000. If you intend to spend $5,000 on your trip, the premium would be approximately $168.

Given the world situation, you may want to add war and terrorism coverage. There is a catch-it won't be cheap.

Choosing to buy travel insurance depends a lot on what kind of person you are and where you are intending to go.

People under 50 are most likely to buy medical insurance. Usually older traveler's buy trip cancelation plans.

For an example, in Europe, you may not need travel insurance where health-care quality in like the US. But some of the policies, such as emergency evacuation, might be worth looking into for certain kinds of travel.

When you decide to travel, you take the chance of lost luggage, flight cancellations, reservation cancellations, theft and many even more situations which can cause anxiety.

When you plan a vacation, it is stressful enough without having to worry about something going horribly wrong while on vacation. Purchasing travel insurance will assure that you are compensated if anything goes wrong on your vacation.

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