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Add Me To The Web-Ring!

If you fit this criteria, or just want to learn about this ring, keep reading!
If you decide to join, follow the 4 steps on this page.

Step 1: Put this HTML code on your page

You MUST place the nav-bar code directly on the page that you will be submitting a URL for. A webring master will visit your page and make a decision if your site qualifies to be in the ring. Here are the simple guidelines:

a) You should be a site that offers gifts and specialty items for sale. This can be either retail or wholesale.
b) There should be more than just an ad on-site. Your site must contain multiple items for sale.
c) Your page that contains the webring code nav-bar should NOT be just a bunch of other webrings. We recommend you put the nav-bar on the top or bottom of a "Good" page that is actually part of your website. In otherwords we will recognize if you just use us our members as a "Lead-in" to your site. How and where you place your nav-bar will determine if you are accepted. We take great pride in supporting our members and we ask that you help us share this pride as part of the group. We do NOT want our nav-bar lost among a group of other nav-bars. So please put us on a good page with your other pages in your site.
d) The code must be on your page (URL) that you have listed as your nav-bar link. Otherwise the ring software will suspend your account.

If you have a problem, please read the ring help page. Also, before you click Step 1 you should first decide what URL page you will be putting your nav-bar code onto and have this URL ready.


Read... now go! Click and Go here to sign and join the ring:

Now just wait for our approval email and that will have the links and instructions to put in your nav-bar code.

This is what the finished code will look like on your page:

Note that you will not have to email me because the process is fully automatic and I will automatically receive emails on the status of your actions.

Final note:

Please save a copy of the following image and place it on your web site for others. Please include a link to our webring page.
GiftWorld WebRing


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